First I want to say I appreciate you even wanted to know more about me!

I consider myself a family man, dog owner, entrepreneur, and investor, in that order.

Talking to friends and family I had big ideas that I often had to repeat, or as my wife calls it, ranting. One reason I decided to make this blog was to carefully put down the ideas that I had collected, and site them with sources and data to back them up.

I have been trading/investing for 11 years, some years more successful than others. The last few years I took a break from trading to raise my kid and pursue other business opportunities that fit my new family lifestyle.

I’ve had a rich life of experiences so far as I have done everything from neuroscience, film production and editing, computer programming, entrepreneurship, getting and being a certified public accountant, gamer, and now mostly a family man.

I thank you for spending time on my website here where I can share some of my thoughts about the world and speculate on its future.