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For people who want to follow the blog.

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Questions & Answers

How does the free membership work?

You sign up here. When I create new blog posts, trade one of the public strategy trades, you will receieve an email. If you are not getting the emails make sure your spam and junk email settings are set to not junk for the domain's email.

Why offer a premium membership?

Finding strategies in the market is extremely difficult. It takes creativity, experience, math, data, and extensive testing. These things cost time and money. While I am willing to give most of the content for free to help people, more serious followers will find that the cost is probably worth 10 times its weight in profits if applied correctly.

Why don't you manage other people's money?

I tried that route before my family got bigger and those responsiblites grew. It was extremely hard to get people's money even from friends and family. Most people don't have enough money to make it material enough to the total portfolio, and you have to build a solid record over the course of at least 5-10 years before you should manage family offices' in my opinion.

Explaining some of my thought processes which have made me very successful I believe can enrich a lot of other people's approach to life and the markets by sharing some of my approaches from inception to showing you the forward testing.

Can I see your performances in an audited format?

I am currently working on the best trade management system software that I use for backtesting data. I am waiting for FundSeeder to link accounts to act as an independent auditor once they can get one of my brokers into their system.

For now I plan to develop a system to track trading performance, and I will link the screenshots of the trades I make.


I want to be as transparent as possible. All my trades are listed in real-time in the public or premium strategy trading sections. As I continue to develop software this process will improve, and I hope to share it with everyone to improve their own investment strategies.