Strategy Development: SPXEPS - Can EPS Predict Bull and Bear Markets?

This post I continue, that we started earlier from this post, to refine the long-term trend trading system that uses the EPS of the $SPX to define buy an exit points from 1998 to today. I also look for some additional correlation across other asset classes such as $GOLD, $30Y bonds, and real and nominal GDP. The main purpose of this strategy is to help determine broad market trends and trend changes, but also show how you can also refine your own trading strategies.

Testing Sampling Bias in SPXEPS Using Data to 1990

When testing strategies we have to be careful from sampling bias.  So instead of using the start point of 1998 as our original data point for the trend following strategy SPXEPS, I will look at the available data from dating back to 1990.  The results confirm most of the strategy already, but also highlight some new trades for the short side of SPX and buying gold during sell signals.

SPXEPS Money Management